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    How to get most-recent data to appear for all rows? (Tableau 10.3)

    Patrick Darby



      I have an issue getting the most-recent data for each row to be the only thing to populate. I've attached an example excel file and Tableau workbook for reference. I'm working on a project for work in which I need the most recent location data for our cars to be the only data that is displayed. The file I'm extracting from is a running list of our cars with location data at different times at which the file is updated.


      The file is updated sporadically, sometimes multiple times a day and even twice within a couple of hours. So, unfortunately, I can't use a relative date filter and set it to, say, 1 day ago or 1 hour ago. That's something I tried in the very beginning.


      The file would look something like this, except obviously be more in depth and involved:


      Now, when I bring that into Tableau and display it as a table, it appears like this:


      For example, the only thing that I would want showing there would be the locations and timestamps from January 2 because that is the most recent update.

      I've tried creating a parameter which equals the MAX() of the time stamp, and then creating a calculated field which equals [Parameter]=[Timestamp] and then filtering on the view where that statement is true. This makes sense in my head; however, it doesn't work for me in Tableau.




      Is there any way to do this within Tableau?


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!