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    Month-To-Date, Prior Year-To-Date, & Month over Month Change Calculations

    Marc Levy

      Looking for assistance in a few different calculations, specifically in the attached dummy data workbook, in the "High Level Dashboard" tab.


      - I'd like the number that appears above "Latest Month" to be a Current Month-To-Date (MTD) figure.


      - For the number above MoM change, I'd like that to reflect a comparison between the current month-to-date versus the same period last month.  For instance, November 1st - November 10th this month compared to October 1st to October 10th last month.


      - For the reference line that vertically intersects the horizontal colored bar, I'd like that to reflect the previous Year-To-Date (not all of 2016.  So if we're looking at the YTD 2017 horizontal bar as of October 15th, I'd like the reference line to reflect the YTD as of October 15, 2016.


      Ideally when I use the date filter in the top right, the calculations would dynamically change the previous YTD reference lines, the Latest Month numbers, and the Month over Month Change figures.


      It would be great to have a workbook with these solutions included in it, and then offer a brief explanation of how each was established.