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    Not able to show multiple dimension names instead of dimension values in rows in Tableau Worksheet

    Adhi shankar



      I have eight dimension as Promo ID1, Promo ID2,Promo ID3,Promo ID4 to Promo ID8 andd have measures as No of leads received ,No of Leads expiring.


      When i drag the all dimension into rows self , i seeing all the values of the dimension values but i want to see only the name of the dimension row by row and measures in column self.


      I tried creating diemension calculated field for Promo1 and it worked but not for other promo ids as expected.


      Attaching the worksheet Promos.jpg screenshot.


      I wanted to change as below .



                             No of Leads         No of Leads Expiring
      PromoID1        3535
      PromoID2        6635
      PromoID3       1562



      I tried the below option but it did not work as expected like above format.


      Formula i used in calc field

      IF [Promo Id 1]!='' THEN 'Promotion 1' END

      IF [Promo Id 2]!='' THEN 'Promotion 2' END ..etc



      Please help me how to do it worksheet.


      attached the screenshot(not working promo.jpg) what i  tried also.