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    I am having some issues with the COUNT function.

    Daniel Katz

      I am having some issues with the COUNT function. 


      Datasource: mySQL


      In the data source I have string columns for “Therapy Name” and “Therapy Condition.”


      I am trying to create tree map and table visuals that show the category grouping as the Therapy Condition and then the individual items in it the “Therapy Name”.  I use the COUNT function to create two calculated measures.

      Count(Therapy Name) and Count (Therapy Conditions)


      I place these in a Tree Map vis.  The items group properly and seem to size properly by the larger Therapy Condition with smaller boxes in it for each Therapy Name. 


      However, when I add a Tooltip with each of these two measures the figures are the same.  It looks like the total for the Therapy Condition is showing that for the Therapy Name.  Instead, I would like the tooltip to show the number of the Therapy Name and then the larger number for the whole Therapy Considtion group.  This way I could show a percentage that the Therapy Name represents of the whole Therapy Condition group.


      Any guidance would be appreciated.