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    Comparing measures to different levels of a hierarchy

    Peter Kosztolanyi

      I am using the following datasource in tableau:


      EuropeUnited KingdomLondon10
      EuropeUnited KingdomSheffield20
      North AmericaUSANew York40
      North AmericaCanadaOttawa50


      In Tableau the location is organised into a hierarchy (Continent -> Country -> City) and the Sales is a simple measure.


      I need to show the share of sales in a specific city vs the total sales in the parent country/continent. For example if the users select London from a filter or parameter and I need to show them:

      • Share of Country Sales: 33% (10 in London / 30 in UK)
      • Share of Continent Sales: 17% (10 in London / 60 in Europe)


      There must be an easy way of doing it.