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    Sharepoint site does not open from Tableau desktop on server.

    Atul Bhagwat

      Hi Folks.


      We have a sharepoint site








      I have full access on this site.

      Our tableau server run as user has full control as well.

      When I open Tableau desktop on my local machine - > go to connect > more > add the path above.. it opens up the sharepoint folder and files


      However, I have a tableau desktop installed on my server as well for testing purpose.

      When I try to do the same, it fails with the below error

      Path does not exist. Check the path and try again.

      I can ping the site. Open it from the IE browser on the server. So its accessible.


      Wanted to understand, why is it failing from the server?

      Could it also be the reason for the workbook based on it to not refresh on the server and throw the typical error as below:

      Unable to connect to the file "//xxxxxxxx@SSL/DavWWWRoot/sitexxxx/Global Commitments.xlsx". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.



      Atul B