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    Auto sign-in not working

    Bo Li

      Hi, All,


      I am new to Tableau. I installed Tableau Server 10.4 on a server and checked 'Enable automatic login' option. However, when I tried to access the server from my local, I was prompted to type in user id and password. I noticed that the url was redirected to an address like this: http://<our_server_name>/#/signin?error=42&disableAutoSignin=true .  The 'disableAutoSignin' is still true. I guess that's the reason, but how to change it?





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          Jeff Strauss

          there are a couple possible reasons for this:


          1. running on a non-PC laptop (i.e. mac).  Not much you can do about this.


          2. running your laptop in a different windows domain.  Not much you can do about this because credentials aren't carried over from one domain to another.


          3. internal GPO policies don't trust your tableau server url.  You can ask your windows admin to add to the GPO trusted intranet domains (Group Policy Objects). 

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            Hi Bo,

            wondering if you got any resolution on this issue. We are getting the same error intermittently. Thanks in advance.