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    Live or Extract which one is best choice

    kalyan ravuri

      Hello all,


      I have a large dataset is about 2gb data, but the dashboard which i have build was visited by users monthly once.

      So while extracting the data, which one do i need to use. Live or extract?

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          Ben Neville

          Short answer - it depends, but almost always extracts.


          If speed/performance with your data sources/dashboards is an issue, extracts are the answer in 99.9% of cases. If you have very high requirements for reducing data latency and you need nearly live data (updated < every 15-60 minutes - it depends on size of the data), then a live connection is probably better. If you're trying to reduce the load on a Tableau Server, live connections can help put some of this load on the back end database. Shin's links probably say as much, but they will give you a few other items to think about.