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    Aggregate vs Non-Aggregate in If statement with a Parameter

    Shahab Heidari

      I have the following calculation and i'm getting the "cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in "If" expressions".


      The [Reporting Period] reference is a parameter. The [CandidateCNT] is an aggregation.


      IF [Start Date HR] > [Reporting Period]

      AND [HR Status] = 'Offer Accepted'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Initiate Background Check'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Background Check Pending'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Review References'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Recruiter Escalation'

      OR [HR Status] = 'ERS Escalation'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Mobility Escalation'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Validate Documentation'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Hire Recruiter Form'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Forms Review'

      OR [HR Status] = 'Hired'

      THEN Sum([Candidates Hired])/[CandidateCNT] END


      What am I missing and why? I'm still trying to wrap my head around LOD expressions.