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    Tableau Map Server Addresses

    Mahmood Shafeie Zargar



      I am trying to setup Tableau in a locked down environment for learning evaluation purposes and I have noticed that the detailed maps stop working when I run Tableau from behind the lockdown firewall. I would like to know what  URLs/ports Tableau uses to fetch the map data from the map services so that I can whitelist them on the firewall. I am sure someone has been faced with this before. It would be great to find some starting point what to look for.




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          Sam McKnight

          I have found this Knowledge Base article to be helpful in setting up firewall whitelists for the default mapping servers. It works well for the default maps. If you end up using a custom map server (such as Google Maps), you'll need to get those addresses added too.


          We set it up years ago and seems to have no problems I'm aware of since then. Document what you do. When we brought up a new server, we had to figure it out again. We wasted a bunch of time because we had forgotten about the need for firewall exceptions. Document it well the first time and you'll save yourself time down the road.


          Best of luck!