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    Changing color and shape for filtered data

    Peggy Pleasant

      I inherited a dashboard that I may have broken.  There are measures whose indicators are to change color based on filtered results "within target" or "below target".  If the target is "below" it is to show a red dot. If the target is "within" it is to show a green dot.  I am using the shape card and selected a filled circle with the intention of changing the color to red or green; however, I have to manually change the color for each filter and it doesn't connect with the formula.


      Calculation for the "Indicator for Cover Page" is:

      if [Start Success Percentages] >= 0.99 then "Within Target" else "Below Target"



      How do I set up the viz to change its shape and color depending on the indicator per filter?


      The Packaged Workbook is attached. The worksheet in question is named "Cover page GT Start success-Indicator"


      Thank you for your help!