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    Use the values of a calculated field to sort countries on another sheet.

    Samuel Tingle



      Sheet 1:

           The user selects three indicators and a specific year for each indicator. The average of these 3 indicators for these 3 years (a calculated field) are used to color countries on a map.


      Sheet 2:

           3 time lines of each indicator over the years are shown for each country.


      I want to rank the countries of sheet 2 based on the calculated field in sheet 1 that averages the 3 indicator values for specific years.



           1) I cannot just apply the same year filter of the first sheet to the second because then I will not be able to show the whole time series.

           2) I cannot use a level of detail expression say {Fixed [country]: [Average of 3 indicators]} because the indicators are blended from different data sources.


      Let me know if there is any way to pass the values of a calculated field from one sheet to another. Thank you!