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    WDC with a space in the URL (%20) causes an error

    Jason Scarlett

      I am using a WDC built by someone in the Tableau community . I am hosting it on SharePoint and using the whitelisting method (not import method). The WDC works fine on desktop and server (v10.4.0) if there is no "space" (i.e. %20) in the full path.

      .. but if the path contains a "space" (%20), it fails the extract refresh giving the error: java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'L'

      From my search on the internet, this may be due to the % character being treated as a special character by java.


      For us, the ideal location is the path that contains a space. And the Tableau instructions says that the whitelisting method is preferred over the import method.


      Has this been seen anywhere else?

      Is this a known issue or limitation?