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    Tableau Server fails to refresh extract data

    Andrzej Dobrzański


      Bu using Web Data Connector I created some workbook in Tableau Desktop. After setting related sheet I published Workbook on Tableau Server with option "Refresh Schedule (Ful Extract)" set to some conkrete value (instead of default None). Unfortunately the refresh action fails - there appears an error/warning mark (triangle with exclamation mark) on top-site panel that informs only about refreshing extract failure. I found in Windows' Event Viewer 3 Error-communicates that Source is "Tableau Server (Backgrounder)" that appeared at the trial time. First of them informs about "An error occurred when refreshing extracts for the workbook 'DC_from_excel_1'. Tableau doesn’t support extract refreshes for one or more data sources in your workbook. (errorCode=60007)". Others two informs about sending notification failure because "The svcmonitor.notification.smtp.server setting is blank". I attached 3 files with exact communicates from Event Viewer with mentioned Error-communicates.