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    Server 10.4 unexpected error invalidcharactererror

    John Hobby

      Ok, so we have TBS 10.4 and it has been running pretty good for the past couple of month.


      I'm the server admin, so have full rights across the server.  I use the status page with all the admin views to monitor most of the stuff on the server.  I've now started to get the views to start loading WITHOUT the filter controls.  All there are is blank boxes where the filters should be.




      * I've started getting an error stating 'unexpected error invalidcharactererror'

           -- What the **** is this??


      * I've started having problems publishing a new report built with TD 10.2 that is connected to an extract on a site stating I do not have the right permissions

           -- I can publish a simple file attached to an excel file, but cannot publish a report that uses an extract from the site I'm connected to

           -- I've opened all permissions, still no luck.

           -- I was able to build an offline dashboard connected to an extract on the server, publish the book, change to a different site, replace the DS and publish the same book to a different site using the other DS from that site