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    Setting a parameter via URL/querystring

    Brad Smith

      I've read a ton of posts about URL filtering -- and seem to have no problem with setting the filters via the querystring.  I think I've also read that it it possible to set parameters by querystring/URL.  I'm less certain there because "parameter" is sometimes used to refer to Tableau Parameters, and sometimes to variables set in the querystring, so I could be barking up the wrong tree.


      I have a cover for a report that I would like to embed the client's name on.  I could do it with a worksheet, but I'd like to have a transparent background.  I can insert a parameter into a text container and float it in the right place, but I can't seem to force new values into that parameter -- I've tried things of this form to no avail.




      URLs of the same structure, when tied to filters in my other workbooks seem to do the trick.


      Am I misreading the posts that it's possible to set parameters via URL/querystring?


      A sample workbook is attached (V10.4).