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    Show zero when no marks

    Arun Yadav

      Hi All,


      I'm stuck with this issue, where I have to show 0 (zero) on the sheet, if there is no data.

      I have tried all the below options:-

      • setting number format to display 0 when null
      • Using ISNULL and IFNULL formulas
      • ZN and Lookup expressions


      As per my understanding , these formulas work when there is atleast one mark coming on the dashboard.


      In my scenario, there are no marks coming in ,if there is no data coming in during that data refresh. How we can make up data i.e. display data when actually Tableau is not plotting anything on the canvas i.e. zero marks.


      Any pointers in this direction will be much appreciated.




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          Arun Yadav

          Complete scenario is like this:



          On first day of month and before the extract data is refreshed , report is showing blank columns because of the filter condition which is set to pick the latest value when report is opened.

          So in short, on the morning of 1st Nov 2017 , before the extract was refreshed, it displayed all the columns related to monthly stats as blank because there was no data for Nov 2017 at that time and no data coming in means no marks on the canvas.



          In these scenarios, where because of filter condition, there is no record coming in and everything getting filtered out, User want to see numeric zero in those columns instead of getting blank column in report.



          I have tried all the formulas but they cannot make up for no data coming in on canvas.



          Let me know in case you have encountered similar issue and what was the approach you followed.



          Many thanks,