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    Tableau server cache not cleared after datasource refresh

    Evangelos Pertsinis



      We have the following scenario where the Tableau server cached is not dropped after a data source refresh. We are on 10.4 version.


      - Datasource with TDE is created and deployed to the server, DS1.

      - Workbook that points to DS1 is created and deployed.

      - The workbook is embedded into our frontend.

      - Users log in and start using the dashboards.

      - At some point data is updated and the datasource is re-published with the new TDE.

      - The data users are seeing in the workbook is still from cache.


      On the server we use "Refresh less often" for caching, but according to this post Refresh Less Often Option in Tableau Configuration  when an extract is refreshed the server cache should be dropped.


      Has anyone else come across this?