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    Last 30 days calculation

    Matan Bracha

      Hi all,

      I want to create a view with 4 measures - "Daily Connected", "Daily Disconnected", "Monthly Connected", "Monthly Disconnected". the data will be relevant for "yesterday", I'm setting this by filter on "INDEX()" calculation=1

      I only have 2 of them - the daily ones, and I want to create a calculation for the "Monthly" ones. I tried this calculation: WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Daily Connected Accounts]), -30, 0), which worked great in a cross-tab (where I have all the dates) - but not so great in the view with the filter for the last date...

      So my question is - How can I show the sum for last 30 days - if I'm filtering out those dates in the view?

      Thank you!!