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    Filter top 10 not working?

    jeff workman

      Hi, I've got a fairly simple table, measures names in column, postal codes in rows. I'd like to filter the report to only show the top 15 zip codes for one of those measures.


      When I drag a filter for postal code into the filters and go to the last tab (top), I selected for field, and the measure, and set it to sum. this filtered for 15 postal codes, but it wasn't the top ones for the measure... I couldn't see what it was. maybe I'm doing this wrong?


      here's a screen shot before and after I apply the filter. It's meant to filter for the top 15 of the last column. I sorted that column by that measure so basically just the top 15 rows in the first screen shot are what should be left after the filter.


      before filter:



      after filter: