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    Facility Overlay into zip-code based Geography Heat Map

    John Cusick

      Hi. i've built a geographic heat map based on zip codes for a project, and we had the idea to overlay the physical location of  some facilties into the viz.


      I assigned a separate zip code to the facility locations and added them in as a dual axis (image 1)


      and it appeared to work. (image 2).




      However, when i go to the dashboard and select a single zip code / county, the filter does not update.  (image 3).


      If i remove my two facility criteria from image 1, my overlay attempt is gone and the zip code filter on the dashboard works (image 4).



      my datasource has Protected health information, so i can't share the entire viz w/o considerable scrubbing.


      If anyone has an idea on the best way (if possible) to pin a secondary item into a geographic map, i'd be extremely appreciative.