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    Display Intersect Set Data

    Wendy Weber

      What is the best way to display this data?  I have 4 categories: E,C,M,V and I want to show a count for each ID by category.  I do not wish to show the ID on the dashboard.


      If the indicator = 1 then it is in the set.  If the indicator = 0 then it is outside the set.  On the same dashboard I want to see the intersecting values for each combined category where both have a value of =1. (see notes = Intersect).

      I have tried combined sets and various methods but maybe someone can send me as sample dashboard so the best way to display all of the data on one dashboard.



      70E Out
      71C In
      120V Out
      120E Out
      210V Out
      210E Out
      210M Out
      211C In