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    Calculation is incorrect when replacing data source with updated copy of exact same structure

    Crystal Wilcox

      I have a monthly report structure, which is updated with New data source that is exact copy of last month.  However, the data that results in calculation is incorrect.  Please see below Oct 17 SGM. . Compare to Oct 16 SGM, Sep 17 SGM. .etc. should be in the same line.  The Net sales looks fine, it is not a calculation, but a sum of records.


      I've set up the datafile to the end of the year so I don't have to change the structure, it just shows zero/blank - See Nov 17 SGM.  It seems to be the new month, even though the calculations are the same.  Sometimes If I dink around - Replacing the data source - multiple times - it suddenly will be correct.  It seems to need a refresh, Ideas?