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    Filter on Dimension containing A and B, but want filter option to show A, B, Both

    Brian Seefeldt



      Tableau Version: 10.2


      I have a simple sample data set:


      I'm struggling to create a calc or formula to combine "DC1" and "DC2" so that it says both. I'd like to ultimately be able to filter on "DC1", "DC2", or "Both"


      When Both is selected, I'd like to show Brian only with the database values either being DC1 and DC2, or to show both for the two rows and show the amounts respectively.


      Pushing this logic down to the to a sql case statement isn't feasible.


      Is this possible to perform? Should I be creating sets and then using combined sets?


      Within the workbook I have where I'm at currently and what I'd like to see with the both selection.



      Thanks in advance!




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