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    Custom Format of tabular report

    sreekanth samudrala

      Shinichiro Murakami,


      Hi Shin,


      I need to prepare a tableau report looks like attached.I am able to show total values for actual by enabling subtotal/grand totals.

      But the main problem is how I can display plan values as an intermediate rows between actual values(After every subtotal/grand total row) and the values are may not be at each row level for plan data in DB and it is at subtotal level for Home/Office.

      When I drill down below Region/State hierarchy then the values should change accordingly to the lowest granularity,Even both actual/Plan.


      With actual data I am okay to go ahead but facing how I can show the same sheet/view by considering custom formatting like excel and dynamic drill down.

      Drill down is fine with actual data.

      Please refer the attached ones for your reference, Plan data we can consider like 1.25 time actual for now.


      Or suggest me the best way to show plan data like when I mouse hover towards the subtotal values to show specific subtotal header row plan values in marks/tool tips.


      Thank you.