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    Hide Dashboard "Filter Widget/Toolbar"

    Michael Hesser

      I'm working with Tableau Desktop 10.4, and with this recent upgrade I've noticed a slight change:

      Dashboard "Filter Widgets" now seem to be aligned vertically, rather than horizontally: this means they are obscuring some of my radio buttons.


      Question #1: Is there a way to hide the Dashboard "Filter Widget/Toolbar" so that it won't compromise adjacent radio buttons? Can I change the orientation and put it on the horizon? Or do I just need to add padding to make it work?


      Question #2: What is the official name of the the "Filter Widget/Toolbar"? This toolbar that allows a designer to:

      • Remove a tile from the dashboard
      • Go to sheet
      • Use (or don't use) as a filter
      • Other fun features


      (If you don't know the official name, please feel free to make your best guess, e.g. "Loretta." I only ask: "Don't suggest Clippy")


      Thank you for your help!