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    Summing an Aggregated Calculated Field

    Joel Lenden

      Good morning everyone,

      I'm struggling to create a calculated field that totals the sum of an aggregated field, that varies depending on the filter.  Currently my incremental order grand total field calculates exactly like the sub categories. shown below.



      As you can see the total orders don't equal the sub category total. I realise I can change the Grand Total field and change the equation type to sum to equal this, but I need the overall value correct so that the Total Incremental Cost Per Order (ICO) changes.  For Example. My current incremental orders results in a ICO of £7.66. In reality it should look more like £30.


      The image below shows the Incremental Orders I require, with the ICO resulting in 77,704.00 / 4,579 = £17




      I've attached the equations above.


      Thanks in advance,