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    Calendar and Fiscal year selection

    shiva kandukuri

      Hi All,


      Below is my requirement, where 6 charts are integrated in one dashboard and by default it filtered by calendar year. There is a parameter filter / any button to switch to calendar to Fiscal.

      So if the filter is changed to Fiscal, the entire dashboard(all the 6 charts) should display values as per Fiscal Calendar.

      Note: The Fiscal year is from April to March.


      Please let me know how to achieve this dynamically.


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          Hi Shiva,


          One way would be to make 12 charts, 6 for calendar year, 6 for fiscal year. You can have another date field of which year start would be set to April (you can do this by right clicking on date field -> Default Properties ->  Fiscal Year starting -> choose month) and use this date field in your 6 fiscal year  charts. Then dynamically switch these 2 types charts according to what is selected in parameter.




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            shiva kandukuri

            Hi Parikshit,


            The idea is good, but I need to create the entire dashboard again. It will be a re-work for me. And also there are so many (approx 40) charts involved in the dashboard.


            Please let me know if there is any other better way to implement this.