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    Embedding Tableau Server into my website

    Marvin De Guzman



      I am trying to embed my Tableau workbook into my website. When I click on the share link, it works and I can see my dashboard. However, if I copy and paste the embed code into my html, it gives me the error shown in the image attached. I'm not sure what to do, please help.



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          Hello Marvin,


          I've moved this post from Forums to Server Administration , where there will be more admins to share their insights with you.


          Please have a look at this online help, Embed Views into Webpages





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            Toby Erkson

            I don't have an answer but please show the snippet of code used where you embed the Share HTML code.  This question may need to be moved to the Developer Forums .

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              Marvin De Guzman

              Hi Toby,


              Here's a snippet of the html code: <script type='text/javascript' src='http://spr-aengine-01.kmc.int/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js'></script><div class='tableauPlaceholder' style='width: 1000px; height: 827px;'><object class='tableauViz' width='1000' height='827' style='display:none;'><param name='host_url' value='http%3A%2F%2Fspr-aengine-01.kmc.int%2F' /> <param name='embed_code_version' value='2' /> <param name='site_root' value='' /><param name='name' value='Gender&#47;Dashboard1' /><param name='tabs' value='no' /><param name='toolbar' value='yes' /><param name='showAppBanner' value='false' /><param name='showShareOptions' value='true' /></object></div>


              We realized that the reason it isn't embedding is because it is not  SSL certified and is only http. Could you help us with getting a CSR with a trusted authority for our tableau server?





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                Matthew Reeve

                I suspect you're right that getting HTTPS is important here, even on an internal server it's a good idea to implement SSL if there's any sensitivity. However, the problem may also involve cross-domain. Authentication is a serious challenge when embedding content, so Tableau is heavily locked down so you can only embed from trusted domains, or that it will throw pop-up messages to do its own authentication.


                I can see the domain of your Tableau server is http://spr-aengine-01.kmc.int

                Where is your html? If on a web server, what is that server's domain?

                What is your authentication method? (AD, Local, etc?)

                Does this happen if the Tableau user is already authenticated?


                Tableau's default setting is that embedding can only happen from the same domain. This is a very definite restriction to stop users from phishing attempts (where they could superimpose a javascript layer over the top of your dashboard to try to collect the means to access your data).


                There could be a few options to resolving this, but first get the SSL certificate sorted, and if you can provide answers to the above then we can help guide you with the most pertinent answers.