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    Issue with Totals

    Randolph Ralph

      I am creating a Tableau worksheet to capture sales and revenue per Category and Division. The 2016 Total Sales and 2017 Total Sales column should be the total sales for all categories. The issue I am encountering is that for those categories that had no records for the given time period the Total Sales are not reflecting the correct total. For 2016 Total Sales should reflect 48,040 and 2017 Total Sales should be 56,208.



      Example 1.JPG

      To demonstrate I have added the Sub Category which shows that for 2016 the TV Stand under Furniture did not have any records, and for 2017 the Couches under Furniture had no data.




      I attempted to use LOD calculations to resolve the issue, but ended up with the same results. Is there anything I can do to resolve?

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          Hari Ankem

          Are you sure that the totals are not correct, because am not seeing any issue by looking at your original data?


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            Wes Reneau

            Hi Randolph, would you help explain the reason behind wanting to repeat Total Sales at a grand total per category even if that category had no sales? I'm thinking this might be a hard view to interpret correctly by your colleagues and there may be a more appropriate layout. If you could help me understand the reasoning behind it, it may help me oor others create a solution.



            I'm assuming you want the 12,010 to repeat for ALL sub categories even if that record has a 0. This sheet should help others see what you are attempting to do in case someone else responds first.



            I hope this helps.


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              Randolph Ralph

              The 2016 and 2017 Total Sales is being displayed to demonstrate the issue. The Sales Column will not actually be shown on the worksheet. These columns are being used to calculate the Revenue earned for each Division and Category out of total sale.