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    Embedding Dashboards in SalesForce when using Kerberos and Automatic Sign-in

    Max Giegerich

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to scope out feasible options for embedding Tableau in SalesForce and the most robust and secure way seems to be the using SalesForce Canvas; the Sparkler adapter. However, Kerberos is being used on this instance, and therefore Automatic logon is enabled. Security is also a major concern here, as the data is very sensitive.


      It seems to me that:

      • I have to use the SalesForce Canvas Adapter as it's the only option that sits entirely behind HTTPS (embedding a web page or VisualForce will not satisfy the security concerns).
      • I cannot use the SalesForce Canvas Adapter as it doesn't support Kerberos.


      Does anyone have any suggestions of any other solutions it may be worth looking into, or whether the Canvas Adapter is likely to support Kerberos in the future (or is it a fundamental constraint)?


      Many thanks in advance,