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    How to preserve Top N filter when changing filter choice on a dimension?

    Jonathan Wisloch

      I am a relatively novice user and so I will cast this query in what are likely layman's terms, however here I go...


      My scenario is a simple one and is as follows:



      1. Company - For which there are multiple company code combinations that I would like to filter on.

      2. Vendor - For which there are multiple vendors



      1. Accrual value


      I would like to create a table that allows me to view Top 10 Vendors by accrual value. My starting point is therefore to apply a top 10 sort on the vendor dimension by sum on accrual value. I have also introduced the company dimension as a filter.


      The issue I encounter is that I want my Top 10 filter to function at a level of granularity beneath the 'company' dimension, such that irrespective of the company(ies) I have selected under my company code filter, Tableau returns the Top 10 vendors by sum of accrual value for that particular filter selection of companies. Instead my top 10 is always based on all companies, irrespective of the company filter I have in place, and therefore will only return vendor(s) & accrual value(s) for a given company code/set of company codes, to the extent that they feature in the top 10 across all company codes.


      How do I configure such that a Top 10 is delivered for whatever company code selection I have in place? (excepting those companies whose total set of vendors is < 10 - although these do not exist in practice)