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    Trying to Switch Data Source from Production to Verification

    Ashley Lambert-Maberly



      We've got a Tableau Server for verification and production now.  Previously I'd just published straight to production, but have been told now that I must publish to verification first, test, and then publish to production.


      So I have a workbook whose data source is an Extract on our production server ... but if I try to publish this workbook to our verification server (By going to Server and hitting "sign out") I get a message that "the current workbook is using the published data source 'Prod Data Source' on 'production.server'.  To sign out or to sign into a different server or site, first close the workbook or the data source."


      If I try to close the data source as instructed, it wants to delete the workbook contents ("When you close the "Prod Data Source" data source, the following will happen: sheets that use the data source as the primary data source will be deleted / Sheets and fields that use the data source as the secondary data source will become invalid." 


      So that's no good!


      If I try the final option of closing the workbook, I can then sign out, and sign in to verification.  But when I open my workbook, it puts me right back where I started.


      How on earth is this accomplished?  Do I have to build an identical workbook from scratch, which points to the verification server? Surely I'm missing something--it can't be that hard!


      Any hints welcomed,