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    TSCL with IronPython

    Vinod Vayalamkuzhi

      Did anyone try working on the Tableau Server Client Library from Ironpython. My Aim was to create a user interface so that we can login to the server and perform the operations on click of buttons rather than using the console. I am no expert in Python though. while I can get both working separately, Tried creating a form in IronPython and make it work, and tried using the TSCL on Python 3.6, I could not make TSCL work with IronPython. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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          Hello Vinod,


          I do not have any personal experience with the Tableau Server Client Library. Though reviewing the information on the Tableau GitHub page I see that the Python version is listed is 3.3 and higher. I am curious if using TSCL on Python 3.5 returns different results. Additionally are there any specific errors or failures returned when using the current Python code.


          Hope this helps!


          Byrne, Patrick