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    Data Source Publishing & Editing Best Practices?

    Jory Vaucher

      Hello all,


      Just wanted to start a discussion here to get some thoughts and feedback around data source. There be some other threads that I missed on this but I wanted to start a discussion based on the info and thoughts in the links below:



      Editing a Published Data Source | Tableau Software


      My main question is this: does anyone have any programmatic way (via REST API possibly?) changing/editing metadata and republishing data sources (particularly TDSX with large extracts)?


      Currently, my approach has been using a TWBX that just has an empty extract with all my metadata and publishing and overwriting the data source on Server. This is a limited approach for two reasons: it's manual and it's publishing empty data until I manually kick off the extract refresh or wait for the next scheduled refresh.


      Any thoughts, feedback, approaches would be greatly appreciated!