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    What #data17 session(s) did you find valuable?

    Stephanie Henry

      What #data17 session(s) did you find valuable? What were the "takeaways" and "next steps" that you are thinking of implementing since viewing the session?

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          Stephanie Henry

          Beautiful data: Balancing art and analysis

          The first exercise looks at ranking countries by attributes with a KPI as the reference line. User sets the KPI weights within a parameter.

          I am thinking of ranking schools' performance on an assessment by subgroups. Column=School Name, Color=Subgroup, Rank based on % meeting benchmark or State %ile Rank. Initial attempt looks something like this:


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            Stephanie Henry

            Parameters: A Love Story

            This session was jam packed with tips for using parameters in unique ways. Some of the suggestions included: Setting to "N" Filters/Sets, setting variable bin sizes, setting range for moving average, setting default/start/end dates, setting compare to dimension and/or value, using a landing page of parameters to pass onto other dashboards, passing parameters in URL, etc....


            Some ways I am thinking of implementing are allowing user to set a threshold for T/F color scheme. Did a school meet the identified goal? Rank by % meeting assessment benchmark and colors will be met or not met user defined goal. In addition to this concept and incorporating another tip from the session, the value displayed could be "how far above/below" was the % from the goal. Another version could be, identify a school to be a "baseline" and the ranked list would the % above/below from the baseline school.


            We already link to other dashboards within a ToolTip but thinking of how to expand this use case. If we have a school list of % meeting benchmarks, within tool tip offer a list of link to take them to other dashboards and pass the school name filter upon clicking to new dashboard.