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    Versus last month. Versus last week.

    Andy UK

      Hi there


      I've got the code to create a table or a graph and compare data for the current month versus the previous month (and to do the same for week).


      However, what I want to do is to allow the user to select a month (which may not be the current month in the data set) and to compare this to data for the previous month.


      Example of table:



            June 2017      July 2017  Difference (%)

            100               110             10%


      Can you help?


      Many thanks



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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Andrew,


          Find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.3 located in the original thread.



          1. Define parameter



          2. selection:  IF [Month Selection]="Current Month" THEN today() ELSE DATE([Month Selection]) end


          3. Current Month: if DATEDIFF('month',[date],[selection])=0 then [value] END


          4. Current month -1:if DATEDIFF('month',[date],[selection])=1 then [value] END


          5. %diff: (sum([Current month -1])-sum([Current month]))/sum([Current month -1])




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            Andy UK

            Hi thanks again for this!


            Can you help with me a dynamic title query?


            I know how to add the week or month into the title (<parameters. etc>) however how can I include the previous week or previous month selected in the title?


            Example, I want to show

            “Week W- 1 versus week W”

            Where W is the week selected


            And do the same for another sheet based on month

            “Month M- 1 versus Month M”

            Where M is the month selected


            Many thanks