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    Threshold alerting per category

    Melody H

      Hi guys,


      I have a question regarding threshold alerting per category, As I know, tableau already has a threshold alert function like this. But what i want is I want to set an alerting for each category (because each country has different threshold, e.g New York: $30K, Los Angeles $10K and if they reached it, I will get a notification). Do you guys now how to do it?? Thanks in advance!


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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Melody,


          Are you looking something like this

          if attr([State])='New York' and sum([Sales])>30000 then 'New York Sales exceeds 30k'

          elseif attr([State])='Texas' and sum([Sales])>=10000 then 'Texas Sales exceeds 10k'





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            Melody H

            Hi Sankar,


            Yes, but I want to get an email alert if it reached the threshold. Is that possible?




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              Hi Melody,


              Haven't had too much exposure to the alerts function yet - but if it is calc based, perhaps we could try this:


              Create a calculated field based on Profit, with a condition on the category:

              CASE ATTR([State])

                   WHEN "New York" THEN IF SUM([Profit]) >= threshold1 THEN 1 END

                   WHEN "..." THEN IF SUM([Profit]) >= threshold2 THEN 1 END



              Something along the lines like that.. then you can trigger the alert based on this calc. I've selected for a numerical output as I recall the data alert is driven by a continuous axis.


              Let me know if this works!