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    Measure boarder

    jeff workman

      Looking for some help on boarders... Sorry I had to block out some detail lest my boss sues me for disclosure. Specifically I'm looking for the control for the boarder that would be at the very bottom of the image below, below the black box that's covering what would be the measure names on this dual axis chart. I got the boarder on the very top that is next to the the upper measure labels, but I can't find the control for the lower.


      If I go to Format Boarders > Sheet > Default > Header, controlling that will add the bottom most boarder I'm looking for, but it also adds some other boarders that I don't want.none of the other "headers" seemed to do the trick though :-/





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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Jeff,


          Unless you are using Tableau 10.4 - welcome to the world of Horizontal and Vertical Objects.


          Each element on a basic viz will end up pretty much inside a single container. In your case, you wish to put a border around x number of sheets within a dashboard to indicate that they are grouped. To do this you need to drag out a layout container (i.e. a horizontal or vertical object) and place your sheets inside this container. Even this step is tricky as dropping sheets into the container is like a game for Tableau and it likes to drop outside the container just to spoil your fun.


          This gets complicated fast - Lets say you need a large sheet to the left, and 2 smaller sheets to the right. You will need to drop in a horizontal container for the first sheet, and then place a vertical container INSIDE the horizontal container to host the 2 smaller sheets. Remember what I noted about Tableau treating this like a game - nested containers will make you bald.


          Once this is setup, use the drop-down caret in any sheet, but select the Layout Container - this will then highlight in blue.


          This container will allow you to format a border independently using the Format Container option in the drop down menu.

          In 10.4 these options were enhanced within the layout pane of a dashboard so you will find them in a different place (and you can do more stuff);






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            jeff workman

            Actually no, not quite :-). In this case, the object I'm looking at is just a single worksheet, not a dashboard. The boarder in question would appear at the bottom of the measure label.


            That said, ultimately the reason I'm doing this is because an object that looks like the one I gave will end up on a dashboard with a bunch of very similar looking ones... so it's helpful to have that boarder for aesthetic reasons, so that the bottom label of the measure for one worksheet object doesn't bump up visually against the top label of the measure for another worksheet.


            Surrounding the container with a boarder would accomplish something similar, so that might solve the problem. Aesthetically though, I think having the boarder just at the bottom of the measure label would look better than surrounding the entire container with it. If you know how to do that, fantastic, otherwise I'll stick with surrounding the container.


            Thanks again

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              jeff workman

              Oh and yes I'm using 10.4

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                Shawn Wallwork

                You can get that border to show using the Header option on the Worksheet borders for the default sheet. Unfortunately it brings in a lot of other borders as well:



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                  Tyler Garrett

                  Yo! I have some boarder ideas to knock some socks off... I hope.


                  Whenever I make a new dashboard, I try to do something new every time, so that people ask if I'm using Tableau or not. That's my favorite.


                  Because i treat tableau dashboards like a song, everything is original and unique. And the end users will ask for more, more more who made that, more please. Just like I would with producing a remix for some artist, I don't want to do the exact same song as last time...


                  Sometimes native formatting isn't knocking it out of the park... Here's the GO TO, and then a CUSTOM solution I created working for a fun client.


                  Paint yo.

                  1. Make a long skinny rectangle.

                  2. Color it based on your color palette. (please get one..ask the design guy/gal)

                  3. Make two versions for horizontal and vertical.

                  4. Make sure this is an optimize image, please don't use anything <30kbs... or your end users will ask why the dashboards are slow, and it's really that silly image loading.

                  tip: floating image, keep it super lean and it will load instantly, some people use TEXT drag and drop, do a LARGE under score, and color it whatever color. You can also use floating containers, floating text, and make the shading whatever the heck you need . Wife needs me to leave, will add more to add context. l8r g8rs.


                  Tableau yo. *socks off*

                  1. make a bar min(1) for the measure.

                  2. fix axis manually to 0 and 1.

                  3. swap colors per your liking. (i used 4 colors last time I did this-per vendor - sprint, at&t, tmobile, verizon)

                  4. Now when someone clicks on any filters - which being 4 global companies, everyone knows it... yellow, blue, pink/purple, red... Now my grid lines are the bars... So please use floating, make it small.

                  5. You have your bars, turning into swappable gridlines.

                  tip: floating bar, hide everything including the title..., hide everything so it's just that bar, automatic sizing.


                  Don't use tableau yo if your workbook is cluttered or already slow... This will generate a new viz per line, which isn't great - from a performance perspective.


                  edit: If you're like me, a dork to optimization, use Tableau Yo all the **** time... Because it's rad to enforce what you're filtering by... Really rad. Cheers.





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                    jeff workman

                    ya, I found that one, and after I found that one, I went on a failed mission to find the option that controlled just the line I was looking for :-). Unfortunately it looks like awkward with all the lines on in my case

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                      jeff workman

                      heh, kinda wonky and not as simple as I thought it would be, but this should do the job :-)


                      thanks Tyler