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    Updating Users role on Tableau server from TABCMD

    Vinod k

      Hello Server Admins,


      I have a scenario where we need to update the users site role to Unlicensed using TABCMD. to automate the process, we are looking for achieve this using TABCMD or API.


      Collecting the list of Inactive users is ready and looking for how to make them unlicensed. Because, even we delete them from server, after AD sync they get added again.


      Is there any method to make the users (some 100's of users) role as Unlicensed? (there are several users and thinking of using TABCMD to automate). And removing them from AD groups is not a good option for us as per current scenarios.


      Any approach to achieve this?





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          Jeff Strauss

          after your tabcmd syncgroup runs, then can you issue a tabcmd createusers or tabcmd createsiteusers and specify a role for the users that you want to be unlicensed?

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            Vinod k



            Thanks for you quick reply. Correct me if I am wrong. As you said, after running tabcmd sync groups command, createusers or createsiteusers will be like adding a user newly with required license role?


            We are thinking like, We have around 9000 inactive users, downloading them as csv and then running tabcmd deleterusers "name.csv" delete users from server (they dont have any ownership to content). After doing so, how can we make sure if they get added again during sync activity (lets say as scheduled on server) assigns a role of unlicensed by default?


            Can we do something like re-adding them with role of unlicensed using tabcmd createusers "names.csv"?  Or setting some minimum site role of unlicensed to groups (i am thinking like if we go with this, what if a user really needs something? other than unlicensed)?


            Any responses greatly appreciated.