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    KPI Dashboard monitor = Raspberry Pi3 + Linux + Chromium browser + Tableau online/server

    Harald Stoll

      Hi all,


      The plan is to build a digital signage monitor (Kiosk?) in which we can display our tableau KPI dashboard in a few of our offices.

      I hope to get some feedback on the build as i haven't built something like this before.


      We want to use a touchscreen monitor, connected to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. To show the Tableau dashboard we intend to use the Chromium browser.

      User interaction with the dashboards will be through the touchscreen.



      Touchscreen monitor:

      iiyama - ProLite TF5537MSC-B1AG


      Raspberry Pi:

      Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Raspberry Pi (+SD)


      Operating system (OS) options:



      I'm looking for your feedback and experience with similar set-ups, i have a few questions i hope the community can help me with:

      1. Web browser under linux is not officialy supported, i dont expect any issue. Has anyone experienced any issues?
        Recommended Browser for Tableau Server Visualizations | Tableau Software
        All Technical Specifications | Tableau Software
      2. Are there any special considerations i should keep in mind for the choice of touchscreen? I'm not familiar with touchscreen interfaces, any advice is welcome.
        1. Bigger=better? Capacitive vs resistive (multi touch)?
        2. HDMI vs usb? Resolution? HDMI/DPI/DSI/DBI?
        3. Windows/Linux drivers and compatability?
        4. Resources:
          The Eagerly Awaited Raspberry Pi Display - Raspberry Pi
          How to Display Dashboard on Touchscreen : tableau
          Designing for a Touchscreen
      3. Any idea if these small devices (like the Pi)have any performance issues in generating the tableau dashboards in the web browser?
      4. Tableau server vs Online: We're not yet sure if we will make use of a on premise tableau server or opt for Tableau online hosted solution.
        Bearing the above set up in mind, are there any considerations i should make?


      Some background material:



      Any feedback or comments are appreciated. Thanks!

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          Tom W

          3. Rasperry Pi's have pretty limited specs all round. The user experience is going to depend entirely on how complex your dashboard is, so it's going to vary based on the use case.

          4. Online or Server won't really make a difference to the Raspberry Pi. The HTML being returned by server / online will be treated in the same way. Where this would make a difference though is how big you'd build out your server. If you have unlimited budget, you're probably going to be able to get better performance than you would on Tableau Online. If you have a small budget and can only afford a tiny server, it will probably perform worse than Tableau Online.

          The location of your data is important as well. Tableau Online can reach onpremise data - if you're using a live connection though, i'd expect it to be slower than a live connection between Tableau Server and your database server on the same network. If you're using extracted data, then it's not really applicable.