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    Help getting TabPy & Tableau Server up and running

    Andrew Clapson

      Hey all,


      I feel like I'm asking the same question as everyone else, but wow would I ever love a hand with this...I feel like I've tried everything to get Python & Tableau to be friends.


      Here's the deal: we have Tableau running on a Windows server here, and myself and my team manage it (we have full admin control, etc.). I've downloaded the GitHub package of TabPy and tried to run the setup script, but it fails because I have some firewall rules blocking the download site.
      This is ok, I figure, because it's only installed Anaconda and then 'pip' installing TabPy Client and Server.


      I've successfully installed Anaconda on the server (Anaconda version 5.02, more recent than TabPy tells you, I realize). And then I brought over the TabPy install files, and tried my best to get them to install, but I can't figure out how to do it. I try 'pip install' and point to the local files on my server, but it fails to verify the install...?


      Of course, I've pored over the online documentation, most notably: Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step ...but I still can't sort this!


      How can I install TabPy-Server/Client on my Tableau server and get it working from here?