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    Forcing dashboard actions to override condition filters

    Ashish Tergaonkar

      Hello All,


      I have a requirement where there are 2 sheets on a single dashboard. The bottom sheet should always default to current year. However if the user selects any other year (from the top sheet), the bottom sheet should show the selected year.




      For the user selection, I have used action filter which works perfect.


      However, to default the year to current year, I have written a condition (something like season = year (today()) ) and dragged this to the filter shelf which appears as a 'condition' -



      When I click on the top sheet, the action does not override the condition.


      However, when I manually select '2017' in the bottom sheet, it appears as a 'selection' -



      This is overridden by an action. However, this is a manual process which no user would prefer.


      I have attached the sample workbook for a reference. Is there any way by which a filter condition can be overridden by an action?