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    Date Calculation

    sudhir ranajn

      Hi Experts,


      In my project I am getting a problem like I have explained below.

      If I select "2015-Jan" as cohort time, then it should give me jan-2015 to Dec-2015.

      If I select "2016-Jan" as cohort time, then it should give me Jan-2016 to Dec-2016

      Like wise I need for every year from "order date" present in sample super store. I need each cohort time as a parameter drop down selection.


      Please help me with this.


      Thanks in Advance!


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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Sudhir,


          Not sure but find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.3 located in the original thread



          1. Year(Order date)



          if [year]=2015 then "2015-Jan"

          elseif [year]=2016 then "2016-Jan"

          elseif [year]=2017 then "2017-Jan"

          elseif [year]=2014 then "2014-Jan"



          3. Drag required objects to the indicated locations.





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            Artee Jajoo

            Hi Sudhir,


            Please follow the steps below to address your requirement -

            1. Create a new calculated field Cohort Time

            2. Create a parameter on this calculated field

            3. Create a new sales calculated field to get data only for the year of the parameter Sales - New

            4. Apply a filter to exclude the null values of Sales - New from the viz

            5. Create Viz with Cohort Time or Order date in columns and Sum(Sales - New ) in rows.


            Attached is the .twbx file.