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    Please review/critique this viz.

    Jehyeon Heo



      My name is Jehyeon Heo and I'm new at Tableau.


      I learned data analysis about 4 months.


      And It is about 2 weeks that I have learned and done Tableau from Udacity data analyst course.


      I made a viz. The title is 'Some Insights Into The Contributions From Wisconsin For 2016 US Presidential Election'.

      I caught a glimse of some stories in this community and I thought they were far greater mine...

      Would you let me know what you noticed in the viz? And would you give me any idea or recommendation of the viz?



      I also uploaded the packaged file, too.


      Thank you for reading.

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          Hello Jehyeon,


          I have a couple suggestions, but just like art, there is no right or wrong way to create visualizations. There are definitely preferred methods, but the actual design, implementation, and use of the Viz should be focused on what is attempting to be accomplished. Design the view for a goal in mind(the desired data story that we want to tell), know the audience, and be creative!


          Creating a workbook that serves a particular purpose or meeting is a great place to start. Creating a one-stop shop experience in a Tableau Desktop workbook can lead to severe performance issues as well as cause confusion for the end user. We want to create visualizations that are simple, intuitive, and tell story.


          For some additional information on the creation of Vizzes I would review the following information:


          + https://www.tableau.com/sites/default/files/media/whitepaper_visual-analysis-guidebook_0.pdf


          + Dashboard Best Practices


          Additionally, there is a few different improvements that can be made to the workbooks via the publication process, one of which will give it a cleaner feel. When publishing the workbook try to only publish a few sheets or selected dashboards. See the section in the below attached product help about publishing with and without show sheets as tabs.


          + Publish a Workbook


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Jehyeon Heo

            I really thank you for your suggestions!

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              Happy to help!



              Byrne, Patrick

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                Michael Hesser

                Great Suggestions, Patrick Byrne! If there was just one thing I could emphasize (per Patrick), it's ask yourself "what is the story I want to tell?"


                I think reviewing those Dashboard Best Practices will go I long way. You've got a lot of great stuff here (You've used a lot of varied graph types), but because of my critical natural, I'm going to focus a little more on areas I think you might want to take a second look at :

                • Use the "KISS" method-- or "Keep It Simple, Stupid." As Patrick indicated, guide your user through the story you want to tell. For example, you might want to add NUMBERS to your story points. Or maximize your real estate and skip stories altogether: use dashboards with url jumps.
                • Use BANs (or Big *** Numbers), generally at the top of the page. BANs can be also be used for text, too, and it trains the user where to look for quick ingestion of important figures. Your BANs might look like this:

                  Largest Total Contributions      Most Contributions        Largest Contributions on Average
                      Clinton      Clinton         Walker

                                   $2.8 Million Tot                      33,340                          $823 Avg

                          By putting BANs at the top of the page, it helps your user grab the key takeaways before exploring on her own.

                • Welcome to Tableau, and welcome to Pie Wars! Pie Charts are arguably one of the most loved and hated charts out there: I think it's because there's so many ways to do them poorly. From a physiological standpoint, there are only so many shapes the human eye can perceive... and when we create pies with more and more slices, humans simply get worse and worse at determining what those physical areas represent. When you have a pie with a 0.4% slice, it becomes difficult for an old man like me to even get his mouse on it, much less make out what it means   So consider steering clear of pie charts, especially when they have a lot of small slices. You can opt, instead, for a vertical bar chart: human eyes are much better at comparing lengths when elements share a common axis!

                • Similarly, be wary of size restrictions. Your map was too tiny for me to use. So, too was your Distribution of Contribution amounts and Contributions By Date (at least for my eyes. )


                • Always ask if you're telling the story in the best way possible. There's no "one right way", but a couple of things struck me: for Contributions by Date, I would like to switch it between By Date and Running Sum. Running Sum is certainly something that interests me: how much $$$ did the candidates receive overall? The other item was with negative contributions. You go into a lot of detail here, and where you tell us the count of refunds, you don't seem to tell us the amount. I'd like to see the running sums in the hover feature (running sum for the candidate for all reasons, and total for just the listed reason).


                • Keep an eye on those keys! Graph KEYS can quickly grow out of control. If you find they're gobbling up as much real estate as what you're trying to display, it's probably time for a new direction! Try reducing the font size, or changing the orientation. Remember that a key doesn't always need a title: if it's in the right spot, its purpose may be intuitive.


                • Use similar fonts to maintain a consistent "brand" feeling.


                I think this is really impressive. Just bear in mind that some folks (like me) may need you to take me by the hand and guide me through the tale you're telling!


                "BANs" is from The Big Book of Dashboards-- and a demo I just saw the other day. I didn't make that term up myself

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                  Jehyeon Heo

                  Wow! You wrote the opinions about my work really thoroughly.


                  To me, suggestions about the BANs and pie charts were especially interesting.


                  I'm really glad about it! Thank you for your reviewing!