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    Dynamic Parameter

    Roisha Pal

      Hi Guys,


      In my attached workbook I have created calculated YTD Sales and Current Month Sales. I want to create a parameter such a way when user select YTD he should be able to see YTD Sales if he selects Current Month Sales he should be able to see Current Month Sales.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Roisha,


          Find my approach based on sheet-selection as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.3 located in the original thread



          1. MTD: datediff("month",[Order Date],#29-10-2016#)=0 and [Order Date]<#29-10-2016#  ps. replace #29-10-2016# by today() when your dataset contains current year data


          2. Define parameter MTD/YTD



          3. Define calculated field Display: MTD/YTD based on parameter defined. Sheets selection in tableau is explained here


          4. Drag required objects to the indicated locations on the MTD sheet and set MTD to TRUE



          5. Define calculated field YTD: datediff("year",[Order Date],#29-10-2016#)=0 and [Order Date]<#29-10-2016#


          6. Drag required objects to the indicated locations on the YTD sheet and set YTD to TRUE





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            Jim Dehner

            Hi there are several ways to do this but see below for one


            First your data set does not include any sales data for 2017 so I created a field called [ Today() JD ] and set it equal to 12/31/2016 as a substitute

            I created a parameter for the switch as shown



            Then your Current Month calculation becomes


            and your YTD becomes



            Your Viz looks like this for YTD



            And this for Current



            I am on a different version of tableau an you could not open the workbook - sorry




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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Hi Roisha


              Here you go.


              To adjust calendar to updated. I added order date mod.


              Create parameter.


              Avoid other year's same month



              Here is a dynamic calc field.









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                Jim Dehner

                Glad to help out