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    Sum and Average based on selected filter


      Hi ,

      I have product type in filter and i have calculated average daily sales .now i wanted to filter my average daily sales by product type.

      below is the example.

      lets say...Under product type there are three types . for each type again there are 3 subtypes.

      lets 3 product types are furniture,office supplies and Technology

      if i selected furniture average should come .if i selected furniture and technology.....sum(avg(furniture)and avg(technology) should come. i think looks like a pretty basic calculation but cant figure out.


      I tried with a below calculation

      ((sum([sales])/COUNTD([Sub category])/[nOOF DAYS ytd]))


      No of days calculation:



      this calculation gives correct value if one product is selected but if i selected more than one , it is giving average ,i want some.please help me