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    Transform Data from Multiple field into one field

    Supanut Limprayulyong

      I currently have data similar to this

      ChannelDATECashChequeCredit card
      New income2016100002000030000
      Existing income2016300006000090000
      Side income2016100030002200
      New income20171200024000


      Existing income20173600072000108000


      i want it into this

      New Income2016Cash


      New Income2016Cheque20000
      New Income2016Credit30000
      Existing income2016Cash30000
      Existing income2016Cheque60000
      Existing income2016Credit90000
      Side Income2016Cash1000
      Side Income2016Cheque3000
      Side Income2016Credit2200
      New Income2017Cash12000
      New Income2017Cheque24000
      New Income2017Credit36000
      Existing income2017Cash36000
      Existing income2017Cheque72000
      Existing income2017Credit108000


      Anyone have any idea how to do this in Tableau?