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    How to count string and add standalone data source

    ctha amir

      Hi All,

      Please help..Im a beginner and Im stuck with below problems


      **Q1 & Q2--> May refer to Project Portfolio AA.xlsx

      Q1: How to get Project Status=Red for Portfolio A?

      Logic: IF Project Status = Red, then Project Status = Red

      ELSEIF Project Status = Amber, Then Project Status = Amber

      Else Green


      Q2: How to calculate and show max Project status (need to follow RAG priority :1st:Red, 2nd:Amber, 3rd:Green)

      Sample: Porfolio A: Red = 1, Portfolio B:Amber =1, Portfolio C:Amber=2


      Q3: How to combine 2 different datasource to be design in 1 dashboard

      Both datasource do not have any link/connection


      Please advise