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    Sharing Success Stories

    E Keeley-Arnold

      I am coordinating with my coworkers to make the case for BI software approval in our agency. I am wondering if any of you would be willing to share your Tableau successes (and challenges), and screen shots of your favorite dashboards.


      Here are some notes about my experience using this software.

      Why Tableau?

      • For over 10 years our section has been challenged by the need to present a comprehensive view of our grant and loan program for the legislature and executive management team within our agency.
      • Within 6 months (prior to this newly approved pilot period), Tableau has allowed rapid advancement in meeting this need for easy-to understand visualization of financial and project data. This has been a breakthrough for our section.
      • We can quickly find answers to important questions, for example:
        • How has funding been allocated throughout the state?
        • How many projects and funding dollars have addressed combined sewer overflows (or nonpoint pollution sources, etc).
      • This software streamlines the QAQC process for our Legacy 30 years of data.
      • Allows deeper analysis for project tracking, post-project assessments, and evaluating outcomes.
        • Quickly analyze relevant water quality data from various databases
        • Live connection to databases for project tracking
      • Drag and drop interface is quick and intuitive.
      • Interactive dashboards are useful presentation tools, and exported jpg images are useful for reports.
      • Dashboards may also provide internal project tracking tools, with use of Tableau Reader.



      I am still learning about our options for sharing these data visualizations. Ideally, we would like to embed dashboards on our website, however there are cost and security questions regarding how to do this.


      I look forward to hearing other stories from your agency!


      Best Regards,



      Here is a snapshot of one of my dashboards. Please note, this is for display purposes within this post only and not for any other use.